WorldWeave celebrates culture, traveling and stories of the international! I've lived in Japan, Germany and England for long periods of time, and I invite you step into the world. This is a spot for those interested in Japan, women's activities in the world, global nomads, international government and IUJers.

If you are planning a globe-trotting adventure, a family move to a new country, or are looking for international information, turn here for insight and tips.


Focus on Japan

Irrashaimase! Are you interested in Japan? Check here for business tips, resources and great links. Information and "slice of life" stories come from ten years living and working in Japan.


Women of the World

Today women travel everywhere, working for business, peace, justice and diplomacy. Explore this area for insight into the Japanese corporate world, teaching in Kuwait, the Tibetan Nuns Project and much more.


Global Nomads

Whether you are currently globetrotting or travel-weary, you'll find information, links and fellow nomads here. Before you move your family abroad, read about it! Resources include international schools, global nomad organizations, a bibliography, and insights into growing up global.


The International University of Japan--Class of 1993

IUJ Class of 1993 folks will find updates on classmates, contact information and links to our Urasa furusato and alma mater. Keep the the networking alive through Kokusai Kone.


International Government Links

This is just what it sounds like -- government resources from around the world, including six of the seven continents: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North and South America. If you want information about Ministries, Parliaments, and Government Web servers, check this out.


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